2013 Golden Globe Predictions

So, the Golden Globes are tonight, and as everyone knows, they're pretty meaningless when it comes to predicting who will win the Oscars nowadays. The guild awards are much better predictors, yet there's still something to be said for the awards which are voted on by a mysterious board of about 60 people known as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Here are my predictions for tonight, and if all goes well, I'll get to watch the show and do some live-blogging over on facebook (I may not get to see it at all, depending upon family matters, so we'll see). I will be doing an official liveblog of the Oscars right here on my site when that night rolls around, and I will let you know ahead of time how that will work so you can register and be a part of it. It'll be lots of fun. Here are my predictions for tonight...

Best Picture Drama: Will Win: Zero Dark Thirty. Should Win: Argo
Best Picture Musical/Comedy: Will Win: Les Miserables. Should Win: Silver Linings Playbook.
Best Director: Will Win: Kathryn Bigelow. Should Win: Kathryn Bigelow.
Best Actor Drama: Will Win: Daniel Day-Lewis. Should Win: Joaquin Phoenix.
Best Actress Drama: Will Win: Jessica Chastain. Should Win: Naomi Watts.
Best Actor Musical/Comedy: Will Win: Hugh Jackman. Should Win: Bradley Cooper.
Best Actress Musical/Comedy: Will Win: Jennifer Lawrence. Should Win: Jennifer Lawrence.
Best Supporting Actor: Will Win: Tommy Lee Jones. Should Win: Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Best Supporting Actress: Will Win: Anne Hathaway. Should Win: Anne Hathaway.
Best Screenplay: Will Win: Django Unchained. Should Win: Silver Linings Playbook.
Best Original Score: Will Win: Life of Pi. Should Win: Cloud Atlas.
Best Original Song: Will Win: Skyfall. Should Win: Skyfall.
Best Animated Film: Will Win: Wreck-It Ralph. Should Win: Wreck-It Ralph.
Best Foreign Film: Will Win: Amour. Should Win: Amour.

No clue on the tv side, they always seem to pick the least likely winners (Kelsey Grammer for Boss  or Matt LeBlanc for Episodes anyone?) I'll update this tomorrow to see how I fared...

Alright, so I didn't fare as well as last year, getting 10 out of 14 correct, which is still good enough for a passing score. I didn't see Christoph Waltz coming, but I'm happy that he won Supporting Actor for Django, and I really didn't see Argo, Affleck or Brave coming. It's also interesting to note that the ballots for the HFPA had to be in on Tuesday of last week, so them giving Affleck the directing statue was not a rebuffing of the Academy failing to nominate him. This all makes the Oscar race wide open, I guess, but not really considering Lincoln will win 6 awards on Oscar night including Best Picture.