Live blogging the Golden Globes

Join me on facebook this evening for some live blogging of the 2011 Golden Globes, 7pm CST. A little tradition I started during last year's Oscars. I'll try and update this post with some of my favorite quips after the show. See you there! Click the link to visit my facebook page...

Here are my predictions...

Best Picture (Drama): Will win: The Descendants Should Win: Hugo
Best Picture (Musical/Comedy): Will win: The Artist Should Win: The Artist
Best Director: Will win: Martin Scorsese Should Win: Martin Scorsese
Best Actor (Drama): Will win: George Clooney Should win: Michael Fassbender
Best Actress (Drama): Will win: Meryl Streep Should win: Rooney Mara
Best Actor (Musical/Comedy): Will win: Jean Dujardin Should win: Jean Dujardin
Best Actress (Musical/Comedy): Will win: Michelle Williams Should win: Michelle Williams
Best Supporting Actor: Will win: Christopher Plummer Should win: Albert Brooks
Best Supporting Actress: Will win: Octavia Spencer Should win: Berenice Bejo
Best Screenplay: Will win: Midnight in Paris Should win: Moneyball (why is this only one category?)
Best Original Song: Will win: The Help Should win: Anything from The Muppets (nothing was nominated though, stupid HFPA)
Best Original Score: Will win: The Artist Should win: The Artist
Best Animated Film: Will win: Rango Should win: Rango
Best Foreign Film: Will win: A Separation Should win: A Separation

These are just my opinions, let's see how I do...

I went 12 for 14, so not too bad. Here are some of my favorite things said during the show...
War Horse=Saving Private Ryan's Horse

Deep Impact is the name of another Morgan Freeman endeavor with his god-daughter

Why has no one thanked Bronson Pinchot? He'd be the first one I'd thank

Oh Claire Danes... is there anything you can do?

Get me his non-union Mexican equivalent!

You know Franco was backstage blazing with Rogen (followed by) I'll bet Andy Serkis is back there too, and Franco doesn't yet know he's not a real ape

That might be the first time a Frenchman apologized for being French

(After The Artist won for Best Score) Quick, someone go check on Kim Novak...

Does Kate Winslet do a nude scene in this acceptance speech?

Uh oh, Jonah Hill looks like he's backsliding back to the fat guy side

Is it wrong to look at Helen Mirren and say aloud, I'd hit that

What else? Anything I left out? Let's discuss...