C2E2 2014: Sunday

As this year's C2E2 draws to a close, there's still plenty of things to do and fun to be had.
Dorkly.com, a website devoted to fandom and pop culture, is holding the first of its kind fan art expo on the first floor Fan Village this year. The site's illustrators and editors were on hand all weekend for fan art trivia challenges, screenings of Fan films, live illustrations sessions, and a panel discussion on the evolution and impact of Fan art. They're also showcasing a collection of the best, most unique Fan art personally curated by the Dorkly team. I've included shots of some of my favorite pieces from the expo below.
IMG_0423 IMG_0418 IMG_0415 IMG_0419 IMG_0414 IMG_0422
Meanwhile, back on the show floor, there were still lots of cool exhibitions happening. Fans could take their picture with the actual shield used by Captain America in The Avengers, and Thor's hammer Mjolnir, though the line to do this was outrageously long. A company called Anovos showed off some of their outstanding replica costumes and props from Star Trek & Star Wars. There were also some incredible, officially licensed prop replicas from Game of Thrones by a company called Valyrian Steel. Their life-size, wearable replica Hound helmet was absolutely mind-blowing in person.
IMG_0397 IMG_0398
This one R2 unit must have had a bad motivator, because it wasn't moving around, but the other R2 unit was in prime condition, a real bargain.
Several toy companies also debuted mock-ups of their latest toys, like Enterbay's 1/4 scale Robocop and Terminator 2 T1000 figures. It was Diamond Select Toys that stole the show however, debuting the figures for their upcoming Pulp FictionSin City, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier lines. They also unveiled the X-Men Days of Future Past Mystique figure with an incredible Oval Office display base.
IMG_0394  IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404IMG_0401
As the show continues to grow, more and more cool exclusive stuff like this will begin showing up here, so make sure that if you're anywhere near Chicago on the last weekend in April, you mark it on your calendar to come to C2E2. It's a blast!